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Jeffros Storytime Blues This is my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL (Jeff) I started a year ago to share My ORIGINAL songs, the ultimate dream of one making it BIG..It has been a lifelong dream to learn guitar .
My name is Jeff. Lived in Leduc for 30 years. Played drums(self taught) and lead/back up vocals for a local BIG church worship team in Leduc for 10 years. In the last 7 years finally self taught to learn guitar well enough to be able to compose/arrange my "old Poems". ( My NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL address is JEFFros Storytime Blues ). You will find 50 music videos in many formats and performance styles.LIVE BAR,LIVE STREET and Homestyle intimate home recordings of very cool,classic,timeless cover tunes and MY OWN Original songs..Many genres include (folk,classic rock,blues,country and Rand B). Many you will recognize and some you won't (mine) BUT, you will for certain like alot of them for sure..ALL of them done with my own personal touch and idea of coolness factor. LOL.....Writing/singing/playing Music is a lifelong DREAM now come true and I am proud to share it with the World for the rest of eternity...and have it be MY Legacy of Life !! I built this youtube channel from 0/scratch myself to have a stage to expose my songs but is has gotten alot bigger and will certainly become alot better in short time... FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT !!! #1 !! AND #2 MINE.............. Thanks and please SUBSCRIBE , AND , take the time to enjoy all the 50 song music videos here !!! JEFFro..... I am a very young at heart 60 year old self taught Singer/songwriter/drummer/guitar player and am a Professional Tradesman "B" Pressure Welder by trade . Have lived in Leduc since 1989 and have a Love and Passion for writing/singing/playing Music that will never go away ...A Life Calling !!! Please enjoy ALL my work AT Jeffros Storytime Blues/youtube !!
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Music type: Original Music
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Genre: FolkClassic RockFolk
Home base: Leduc
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