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At the intersection of rock and roll, alternative, indie, R&B, and country lies Cheyanne Summer.
At the intersection of rock and roll, alternative, indie, R&B, and country lies Cheyanne Summer. As a musical omnivore and passionate songstress, Cheyanne has been hearing and interpreting diverse genres since she decided to sing, which imbues a timeless quality to her music and encourages a broad variety of collaborators, styles, and production techniques with every release. Despite her folksy roots, she’s not afraid to make bold creative decisions, which leads to a sultry, moody, jazz-inflected hip hop tune like iSpy; conversely, she can turn on her alternative charm with a song like Circles, an emotive and vulnerable song which takes her vocals all over her expressive soprano range. Beyond musical recordings and performance, Cheyanne Summer has been a regular in digital print and on the radio, with features from CBC Radio 1 to The Calgary Guardian to 10at10 Calgary, and radio play on CJSW, X92.9, and CKUA. Thanks to her hustle and drive she’s found herself co-producing and curating festivals such as Inspire Fest 2022, and co-founding a label, Peach Jam Records, to further entrench herself into the business side of the music industry. As her first few singles and releases have hit worldwide platforms, Cheyanne’s drive and motivation has continued to bring new collaborators into her diverse projects. As her total on-demand streams on Spotify and reach on global digital charts both soar, industry stalwarts like Brian Joseph Dobbs (Bon Jovi, Metallica, AC/DC) and Roy Hamilton III (Britney Spears, N’Sync, Michael Jackson) have found themselves drawn to Cheyanne’s dynamic flame, and with every release, production, show, and event, her fan base, and career will continue to grow in lockstep with her releases and repertoire.
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Music type: Original Music
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Genre: AlternativeIndie RockPop
Home base: Calgary
Appeals most (but not limited) to: Teens, University Students, 14 years-70 years
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