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Emily Vay is an emotive performer based in Calgary Alberta who combines poetic, singer/songwriter pop with contemporary, electronic flourishes.
Emily Vay is an emotive performer who combines poetic, singer/songwriter pop with contemporary, electronic flourishes. Based in Calgary, takes influence from artists such as Ashe, Aurora and Joy Crooks, with a sound reminiscent of Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey. Vay is currently writing and recording her debut EP, which will be released this fall (2020). The project shows a new side of Vay as she explores a blending of genres. “It's more pop, but still has a dark undertone and a wide range of vocals, which I think makes it separates it from my past projects.” she explains. Produced by Heath West and co-produced by Vay, the EP speaks loudly about Vay’s recent struggles with her mental health, relationships, and moving forward. Vay’s single, “Time Travellers” (2018), was featured on Spotify's Folk and Friends playlist and broke into 106.7 The Drive’s (Red Deer) regular airplay rotation. Her first solo single, “Dollhouse” (2017) was written about her brother's battle with alcoholism. “Seeing someone you love battle addiction is really, really hard. I watched my brother become a puppet to his addiction without his knowledge and that was the catalyst of the song. The lyrics ‘a puppet you’re becoming, and you don't even know,’ have been very impactful to me.” says Vay. Vay emerged as a co-writer and featured vocalist on the song, “Pictures” (2016), produced by Damian La Grange, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Red Deer. The track was added to Spotify's New Music Friday playlist and featured by local radio, which resulted in opportunities for Vay to open for platinum artist Coleman Hell and Hey Ocean. Vay started her music career studying opera and musical theatre. As a promising young opera singer, she was accepted into an opera performance program at the University of British Columbia (2017). However, at the same time, Vay was introduced to production and songwriting while working with La Grange, who is best known for his single, “Beautiful Distractions” (2017). At this point, she made the decision to turn down her university scholarships and dedicate herself to songwriting and performing.
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