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Original Music
placeOyen, Alberta
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OGR-Scintilla has accumulated over 350k Tiktok Followers, as well as 10',000,000's of online streams, with his humorous Canadian themed rap song. A fun and energetic performance for the whole family!
OGR-Scintilla makes funny and energetic songs, themed around the stereotypes of being a Canadian. Going to Tim Hortons, playing hockey, and riding your pet moose home to your igloo are all topics he humorously sings about in his music. Thanks to 'OGR's mixture of comedy and positive energy, he has accumulated over 350,000 Tiktok followers, 13,000 youtube subscribers, 17,000 Instagram followers, and millions of streams on digital platforms around the world. Because of this following, OGR has had great success generating a solid turn out of fans and supporters at his shows. Whether headlining a show of his own, or performing at pre-arranged festivals and events, OGR can create a positive, family friendly atmosphere, and help generate attendance. While 'OGR' rose to success on Tiktok in early 2020 during the covid-19 Pandemic (accounting for the substantial lack of performances between 2020-2021), he has been a musician and performer for over a decade. He also regularly performs to 1000's of viewers via online Tiktok livestreams. He finds himself very at home on the stage, and lovers interacting with his audience. It is always his mission to get people up and dancing, laughing, and enjoying themselves at his shows. 'OGR's shows typically consist of him performing vocals over a pre-recorded backtrack, so set-up and sound are quick and simple to organize. To hear some of OGR-Scintilla's biggest songs just search up, 'Tim's Run' or 'Canadian Baby.' Who knows, maybe you've already heard them before while scrolling your social media feed :)
Art type: Live Music
Music type: Original Music
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Genre: Hip-Hop/RapChildren'sPop
Home base: Oyen, Alberta
Appeals most (but not limited) to: My music appeals to a family audience: including kids of all ages, teens and younger/older adults. That being said I have also played bars/clubs
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Jay Walkers Music Festival
Retro Night Club
University of Alberta, Back to School Bash
* Unverified
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In Calgary July 9 as a co-host for Cowboys Music Festival. I would love to book a show before or after that date. The Friday and Sunday on either side (8th and 10th) would be perfect!