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Lipstick Party is a femme-forward, predominantly queer local band (Calgary, AB) known for turning every gig into a party.
Lipstick Party is a femme-forward, predominantly queer local band (Calgary, AB) known for turning every gig into a party - you’ll often find members of Lipstick Party decked in glitter, distributing balloons or party hats before taking the stage. Formed in 2022 by Erin Maddock (lead vocals, she/her), Kristin Evans (guitar, she/her), Ruby Swan (lead vocals, she/her), and Siân Alcorn (guitar, she/her), with a rhythm section comprised of P.A.C.C. members Andrés Mira (drums, he/him) and Abijah Knight (bass, they/them), their powers combine to create a highly engaging blend of pop punk hooks, vocal harmonies, ambient guitar melodies, and moody, groovy rhythms. With songs written by Erin, Kristin, and Ruby, Lipstick Party’s songbook is dynamic and varied, influenced by artists across a range of genres, such as Basement, Thrice, blink-182, Metric, early Katy Perry, My Chemical Romance, and PVRIS. Tackling subjects from relationship complications and mental health issues to prescription drugs and psychedelics, Lipstick Party’s lyricism stems from the lived experience of its band members, creating tracks that are intimate, authentic, and relatable. When developing new songs, each member of Lipstick Party brings something to the table to create their signature sound. Erin and Ruby establish dual vocal parts, with Ruby composing harmonies inspired by artists Lucius and Oh Wonder, and Erin pin-pointing moments for audience engagement and added dimension within the song structure. Kristin diligently crafts catchy hooks, driving rhythms, and spicy solos, while Siân adds layers of ambience, incorporating silvery riffs and looping melodies inspired by Alan Sparhawk (Low), Julien Baker, and Rafiq Bhatia (Son Lux). The summer of 2022 has been kind to Lipstick Party, who kicked off the season joining Gratuitous Platypus for their album release party at Dickens Pub. No stranger to Calgary’s beloved Rockin’ 4 Dollar$, Lipstick Party captured the hearts of the community creating and hosting the inaugural Rockin’ 4 Dollar$ “Queer and Here All Year” celebration. Additionally, the band performed at Art Spot and the Downtown Association’s outdoor free form art festival “Expresstival”. Lipstick Party has been blessed to play on the bill alongside local legends In Search of Sasquatch, Good Grief, Less Miserable, What’s the Plan, and Try the Fish. Eager to continue their quest to takeover Calgary’s local music scene, Lipstick Party is currently planning a cute and queer Halloween event at Kaffeeklatsch and are looking to release their debut EP in 2023.
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