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Don’t let the relative youth of Clayton & Joelle (Clayton Parsons and Joelle Winkel) fool you—they are old souls with a sound that transcends time. Their genuine country-roots style is reminiscent of the ‘60’s American folk revival scene that birthed Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris, Pete Seeger, and Peter, Paul & Mary. Parsons grew up with music as a constant and he counts his parents and seven siblings as his primary musical influences. Along with his dad’s rendition of James Taylor songs, Parsons also listened to plenty of Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, Neil Young and Nickel Creek. He played solo and with numerous bands in his hometown of Cranbrook, B.C., before joining alt-folk band The Good Ol’ Goats, and meeting vocalist Winkel—and falling in love with her voice, and then the singer herself. Winkel was surrounded by song as a child, and began singing with church and school choirs, musical theatre productions and at community events. She was influenced by old gospel songs and traditional hymns as much as she was by classic rock and alternative artists. And when she and Parsons finally met, their chemistry—musical and personal—was undeniable. When their previous band went on hiatus, Clayton & Joelle emerged. While still in the early days of their musical partnership, Clayton & Joelle have won fans wherever they’ve travelled. Parsons’s lyrics are an authentic representation of his often wide-eyed wonder at the world, finding joy in the simple things and profundity in what many of us take for granted. The duo doesn’t rely on heavy instrumentation to underscore the sweetness of their honey-warmed harmonies; Parsons’s skill at finger picking provides the perfect thread for Winkel’s exquisite voice to weave its way around, creating an uncomplicated but gorgeous tapestry of music. The deftness of their singing and songwriting has not gone unsung: the recently engaged duo were recognized by the Kootenay Music Awards with the Album of the Year for their debut release in 2016. Live, their sweet and soulful music is punctuated with stories behind the songs, inside jokes that the whole audience becomes a part of and true generosity of spirit.
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